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Doré E. Frances, PhD

My story is an unconventional journey that started with a dream and a vision. I have spent years finding the right people, with all kinds of experiences, to make this creative team one of the very best in the world. From one generation to the next, we want you to create your legacy. 

My personal and professional journey is quite unorthodox and can be traced back to my non-traditional upbringing.

Living like a hippie on the streets of San Francisco, California and the people I met on many adventures, sent me on a spiritual quest for answers.

That quest led me to Canada, Europe, South America, as well as all corners of the United States. Over the years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet and study with some of the greatest innovators, mystics and teachers. In 1997 I was guided to the Bay Area and started coaching and consulting with companies needing and wanting to set up communication between their employees, worldwide. During this same time I began working with clients as an advocate for children in our local schools who needed assistance. In 1999, I started my first company, Horizon Family Solutions.

Educational Consulting became a great passion of mine and I still take on a few specialized clients. 

Coaching has always remained a part of my life and it is a natural, organic unfoldment, that is returning, leading me back to a style of working with others who are also grounded and embodied in the work that they specialize in, in order to assist others. 

Drawing on a myriad of life experiences including over four decades of emotional and physical healing, inner work, journeying, meditation, mystical awareness, visualization and connecting with Source, my life is leading me back to the coaching and consulting. 

In addition, writing has been a constant in my life. Words have always dazzled me with their ability to make sense out of the chaos and uplift the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary. Early on, I fell madly in love with story writing and could never get enough of the endless playground of the imagination. This fascination only grew as I explored personal essays, memoirs and poetry writing. 

Amber Trout, L.Ac

Amber Trout is an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner who specializes in neuro-acupuncture. She developed a model of treatment that she used while healing herself from severe mold illness/environmental illness. Amber is a dedicated herbalist and acupuncturist who spends time getting to know each individual to help develop a ‘Reintegration Plan’ for each client. She works with adults and children.

Jamie Malone, BA

I was born in Wausau, Wisconsin and lived in Northern California and Arizona before my family settled in Colorado when I was eight. As a child, we camped and hiked in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors. I continue to foster my love of nature by hiking, skiing, and riding bikes (both mountain biking & road cycling). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder, and years of practical experience. I have assisted with group therapy for preschoolers whose families were undergoing separation and divorce, and was involved for years with a Parent Support Group for parents of teens with substance abuse issues. 

I continue to boost my knowledge and skill set with courses specific to Parent Coaching. Please know that I will do my best to help you in a cost-effective, respectful and time-efficient manner. It’s my goal to help you find a path to parenting wellness, and to remain a trusted resource that you can refer to, at any time in the future.

Jorge Venceslau

When I was 23, I participated in a Family Intervention, and since then I have discovered that no one is happy alone. We also need to see happiness in others for our lives to make sense!

After finishing my dream of being a professional athlete, I won a scholarship by A.T.T. (Association of Treatment of Drug Addiction, IPSS). I went on to study Admissions Counseling (Diploma in Addictions Counseling) for England in 1996 at the institution Action on Addictions. Part of my life is dedicated to studying so that I can support your family!

After completing my studies, I worked in several treatment centers, namely: Farol II Treatment Center in Portugal, Crossroads Treatment Center in Antigua, Caribbean. Founded by Mr. Eric Clapton, Outcome Consulting, England., Clouds House (in its day center in Bournemouth), as a consultant ,and other centers spread throughout Brazil and South Africa.

After having known and worked in several treatment centers in different countries, I decided to return to Portugal and to establish my residence here again in 2002. I have visited treatment centers around the world. I only recommend the best. 

I have developed through the years, partnerships based on professionalism, competence, and permanent collaboration. And today I can confidently recommend which one is right for your situation. I assist with substance dependencies, addictive behaviors and mental disorders. 

Kevin O’Keefe, Psy.D

Dr. O’Keefe is a licensed clinical psychologist who received his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) from Roosevelt University, a private school in downtown Chicago.  

With extensive experience in various settings including hospitals, prison systems, a university counseling center, wilderness therapy and private practice, Dr. O’Keefe is a well-rounded clinician. While in a hospital system, Kevin was a crisis worker, performed family therapy, and ran groups. He worked in the juvenile justice system providing therapy, and also performed psychological assessments for the courts. Dr. O’Keefe has also worked in a group practice where he provided in-home therapy for clients who were involved with DCFS.  During that time, he worked with families in order to train parents on improving their parenting techniques and aiding children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

He also worked on a research project at the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago. Kevin worked a college counseling center, where he performed individual, group, and couples counseling with students. During that time, he also worked with athletes in the sport psychology program aiding athletes with improving their performance in their respective sports. He loves his work and particularly enjoys connecting with individuals and helping them in their growth. Kevin’s strength is developing connections with those he works with which allow for healthy and trusting relationships. He loves his work and particularly enjoys connecting with individuals and helping them in their growth. Kevin’s strength is developing connections with those he works with which allow for healthy and trusting relationships.

Kimberly Bryant, MA, LPC

My life’s mission is to be of benefit to the well-being and lifetime success of individuals, families, and communities through skillful attendance, education, empathy, and love.

I hold a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado.

With many years working in the public and private sectors, I have extensive experience providing youth & family therapeutic services, interventions, and intensive case management.

I have also provided clinical supervision to up and coming therapists, as well as assisted in professional development and training for intensive family and youth programming. With deep regard for the outcomes of skilled therapy and in each of our potential for profound change, guiding individuals and families to transform and grow towards greater health and connection is my primary goal. I am inspired again and again by our inherent ability to overcome psychological blocks and negative patterns when we meet them with vulnerability, awareness, and intention. 

I have experience working with youth and families to heal around various topics, including: Physical Abuse, Emotional/Verbal and Domestic Abuse, Neglect, Acute and Developmental PTSD, Adoption, Emotional Regulation Dis-orders, Attachment Dis-orders, Self-Esteem, Identity Development, LGBTQ Issues, Communication Skill Building, Social/Emotional/Character Development, Body Image and Dysmorphic Dis-orders, Sexual Reactivity, Mood Dis-orders, Anxiety & Depression, Self-Harm, Dissociation, Substance Abuse, Process Addictions, Emerging Personality Disorders, Autism Spectrum Dis-orders, Transitioning to Independent Living, Learning Disabilities and Educational Alternatives,  Adult Attachment, Co-Parenting, Intergenerational issues, Multi-Cultural issues, and Psychopharmacology. As a mother, I continue to journey the developmental path of raising a child (we are currently in young adulthood). 

I love nature. I am at home in the trees. When I am not working, I spend my time hiking with my dogs, growing food, dancing, practicing yoga and mindfulness, spending precious time with family and friends, and learning… always learning.

Mike Carlson

Animal Behaviorist. Animal Caretaker Coach. Dog Handler Coach. Dog Trainer. Our puppies are born and raised inside our home. From day one, they are held, loved, and played with by our family and children. They have been socialized with small children and various animals and are amazing.​ English Retrievers are known to do great with children and will be the kind of dog that will become part of your family for many years. They are sensitive, loving, devoted, and willing to serve. They make wonderful companions for the whole family. Our puppies have the ability to work in therapy or as service dogs as they are extremely gentle and intelligent. They can be trained to work with individuals that suffer from autism, anxiety, depression, or other mental health related issues.

Golden Retrievers have been rated as one of the top breeds to train as diabetic alert dogs. We are also now raising Golden-doodle miniatures.

Ask Dr. Doré Frances, as she has one of our miniatures being trained as a service / therapy dog. 

Lara Oakley

Lara is an experienced leader who stands passionately for young adults and their most authentic, vibrant and fulfilling life, one in which they are not only realizing their dreams but savouring the journey along the way. Lara calls young adults to be the artist of their life, intentionally creating exactly what they want – a life to love!

Being a part of the Life coaching process with young adults fulfills Lara’s purpose – to help youth become empowered in their lives, to see their own radiance and hear their own inner guidance. Lara brings previous expertise from wilderness therapy, real estate, finance, and behavioral health industries, designing and delivering successful programs in management development, team building, communications, and customer service.

As a female business owner, Lara has a very strong passion for helping young women entrepreneurs learn the necessary focus, education and skill sets to go after their dreams. Lara’s passion for daily inspiration led to the ongoing partnership with TED Talks and more specifically TEDxSaltLakeCity. 

Lara and her husband, Randy, reside in Utah with her family and enjoys hanging in her backyard with loved ones, skiing, hiking, triathlons, outdoor music concerts, travelling, scuba diving and Broadway musicals.

Randy Oakley

Randy’s experience have led him to many countries as both resident and business owner. Having lived in Europe and with a number of extended trips back, Randy understands the lasting value and personal growth that can’t be achieved living in our home environment. With international living and global business relationships his resources, Randy brings successful ventures to programs that produce thriving global citizens. 

Randy and his wife Lara live in Salt Lake City, Utah and travel to Europe to work with students on specific goals and excursions.

Robert Trout, M.A.

With over 17 years of experience in group facilitation, ceremony, rites of passage, wilderness therapy and experiential practices, Robert uses his depth of knowledge in these areas to guide experiences that challenge individuals to see beyond their own limitations of belief and to foster new ideas in their lives and within their families and communities. He utilizes his study of ancient and modern ceremony, metaphor, experiential practices, life and survival skills to influence and work with people’s belief systems to create a supportive environment so they can choose to grow and change. 

Robert’s unique perspective was formed through a lifetime where he has spent over 1000 days in the wilderness seeking direction for his own life as well as guiding others through their self-discovery. He truly understands this process as his personal life experience includes being a wilderness therapy teen, working as a wilderness guide and wilderness therapist, being a father and of placing a loved one in a wilderness program for their own needed experience.

His background and life experiences make for a unique understanding of people and what motivates individuals and families towards chaos or strength.

Robert’s hope is to serve individuals and families that are struggling and to teach the skills he has gathered over a long career to anyone who is ready to learn.

He also has a passion to care for other professionals and to bring ceremony, rites of passage and experiential learning to anyone who wants to go on a journey of self discovery and growth.

Sarah Persha, M.A.

Sarah has worked with teens and young adults and their families for over 25 years in both schools and programs and in private and collaborative practice in Bend,, Oregon, Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. 

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, daughter of a wooden boat builder and a former airline executive turned artist, Sarah travelled in Europe, Middle East, Israel, sailed the Mediterranean, drove around Mexico and Canada, and settled in Oregon ready for college.

Portland Community College and Lewis and Clark were her undergraduate campuses, then the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University for her Master’s degree in family systems theory/psychotherapy. 

Sarah serves the non-profit American Gap Association, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, as Director of Education, interfacing with experiential education programs worldwide and educating teams of global education leaders in current issues and trends relating to emerging young adults. In addition, she is certified with national fitness organizations and adds her experience in healthy physical fitness practices to her team leadership and coaching sessions with her students. She is an accomplished artist (jewellery designer and textile arts) and outdoor enthusiast.



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Dore Frances

The Founder

Doré. E. Frances, PhD revolutionized the concierge experience and services for her clients.

She believes in YOUR WORLD. YOUR WAY. Your moment. 

Life can blur your lines.

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Having had the opportunity of working with Dr. Doré Frances for a number of years, I would enthusiastically recommend her concierge services. Dr. Frances’ dedication and care for her clients is as pronounced as her incisive psychological understanding & skill.

Angelo Ciliberti, MA, LPC, LAC, CGP, Psychotherapist, , Colorado, 2018

I can heartily recommend Dr. Doré Frances. She is hard working and she fully understands what is needed to assist. She has come to our rescue with our 26-year-old daughter on numerous occasions and she is a pleasure to work with!

Lori & Steve C., Canada, 2008

I have worked with Dr. Frances for the past 2 years.  I’m very happy with her work in assisting my 22-year-old son.  She always delivers what she says she will. It is luxury service, uniquely tailored and unconventional. You will be very satisfied and I recommend her highly.

Anthony & Jane B., England, 2008

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