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Helping Adopted Children and Their Families

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When hiring Dr. Frances, advocacy takes place on a more personal level. It means making the situation at hand something that is important and needs to be done. What she is doing is presenting information and making requests in a focused way to ensure that something important gets done.

Dore is an adoptee herself and has been advocating for and assisting adopted children and their families since 2001. She specializes in assisting children and adolescents as well as young adults who have minor to severe attachment difficulties. The teens she serves usually require outdoor therapeutic or residential therapeutic care and she remains their advocate all throughout their treatment stay. 

The programs and schools she recommends have gone through an extensive background check and evaluation process to ensure the best and safest setting.

The parenting piece is a very important part of her recommendation and she asks her families to be willing to be involved in the work right alongside with their child. When everyone works together for the benefit of the adolescent or young adult, the outcome is family focused and family driven for long term results. 

Throughout the years, her practice has grown to include programs and schools that are incorporating EMDR, mindfulness, somatic awareness, as well as attachment focused relationship family work. Dore sees relationships and connections as basic human needs. Adolescents have put up barriers, fears, and guards in order to survive what they see as untrustworthy relationships.

A part of the work for them and their family is to re-learn how to feel safe, trust and thrive in their connections with each other.

Dore loves her work, is inspired by her clients, and is excited to watch the changes that are possible through treatment and family work.

It Always Helps To Know That You Are Not Alone

We Envision Wider Choices and Opportunities

Your Child or Young Adult is More Than a Diagnosis

The specialized and pre-evaluated integrated treatment models of residential therapeutic, and wilderness may combine adventure therapy, clinical therapy, family therapy, group therapy, medication therapy, neuro feedback, one-on-one counseling, and even animal, art, dance, music and horticultural therapy to help your child or young adult rediscover a life worth living.

We then support you with a step-down transition from the intensive residential treatment setting to the home environment.

These specialized programs and schools offer varying lengths of stay in welcoming, secure yet unlocked communities, giving your child or young adult the time and space they need to recover.

Our individualized approach begins with a comprehensive student profile and a review of all academic and diagnostic assessments, which enables us to match each client with an evidence-based programming specific to their diagnosis and symptoms. 

Whether you are experiencing your first concerning episode with your child or have been struggling with behavior concerns for years, you can get your family’s life back. Call Dr. Frances to discuss how she and her team can assist your family. 

We and assist children as young as age 7 struggling with academic failure, adoption / attachment behaviors, depression, anxiety disorders, mental health concerns, neurological developmental delays, over stimulation, slow processing of information, and other concerns you may be experiencing. 


We assist families and their students plan for treatment

  • Do you have a preteen or teen adopted at birth who is struggling to follow most family rules and will not allow guardians to shape their behavior?

  • Do you have a preteen or teen with a foster care or orphanage history whose basic coping resources are quite limited?

  • Do you have a preteen or teen with a neglect history who is charming and manipulative and only shows their true character at home?

  • Do you have a preteen or teen with little capacity to regulate emotional responses and who suffered from a neglectful and reckless biological parent? 

Our approach is always compassionate, comprehensive, and custom-tailored to each adopted individual’s unique needs.

We’re ready to help you. Start here.

All submitted information is confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

Dore Frances

The Founder

Doré. E. Frances, PhD revolutionized the concierge independent educational experience and services for her clients.

She is the mother of a daughter who attended a boarding school and who saw first-hand the difficult position parents find themselves in when children are attending school a great distance from home and family.

Doré has cultivated a company that performs a professional service that goes far beyond routine.

Together with the entire staff they strive to complete tasks and meet the needs of clients with excellence, while maintaining closeness with students and their families.


We adopted our son from Bulgaria. When you’re looking for someone to make this process of wilderness treatment and residential treatment for your adopted child as painless as possible, Dore is a sure bet! Dore employs a methodical, organized process by which she identifies your child’s interests/ needs/ strengths, and has an extensive list of potential programs and schools that could / would be a great fit for your child. She’s a tremendous advocate and resource who supports your adopted child and your family through all of the steps of this very extensive process. Dore will ease your child’s anxieties the first time she visits them and yours with her compassion, enthusiasm and intelligence. I highly recommend Dore.

J. Barsham, New York, 2015

We adopted our daughter from China. Dore is great to work with and very compassionate and knowledgeable about adopted children. She has helped our daughter and our family with every aspect of the long extensive process we encountered. She provided parent coaching to us which was another useful service during the process. Our situation was complex and extended over several years and Dore was with us every step of the way. We highly recommend Dore for parents with adopted children! 

Chris and Tersa B., California, 2013

Dore is a fabulous advocate! Dore helped us for over a year with the son we adopted from Guatemala. She always took such great care of us and our son. Dore arranged for a neuropsychological evaluation for our son while he was in wilderness and took great care with not labeling him as a “diagnosis.” She used this testing as an effective plan in arranging next residential steps. We recommend her services for any family with an adopted adolescent. 

Dawn B. and Debra C., Colorado, 2015

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