eBookIn 2007 I published a PDF File Book that covered the entire United States and listed residential treatment programs and schools that were AAP covered, covered by insurance, were low cost, Medicaid covered, non-profits, and some were even no cost to families.

It sold mostly to professionals for $30.

Since that time some of these programs have closed, and others have changed their policies to accept insurance and still others have opened and are offering services to those ages 5 and over into the young adult years. Before I venture into about 6 months of research, updating and writing – conducting state licensing board checks on every program in order for it to be listed – as there must be a very strict criteria to be able to be listed as a safe place – is there an interest from parents and professionals for such an eBook?

It would be professionally designed, professionally edited, easy to read, be categorized by State and then in alphabetical order, with the name of the program, address, phone number, ages accepted, gender accepted, duration, program type and level of care offered, website, and description of what is offered.

Cost would be approximately $59.99. Would this meet your needs? 

Is there other information you would want listed? Yes, I am asking for more than I did in 2007 as I would be working my butt off to complete this by the end of the year or January 2017. (Sooner should time allow).

I’d love to know what you think so please send me an email – dore@dorefrances.com – before the end of this month – June 2016 – with BOOK in the Subject Line. 

Finding other ways to assist parents and professionals is my intention. 

Doré E. Frances, PhD
Advocate, Author, Visionary
Educational / Therapeutic Consultant