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Sensory Processing

Dean and Dianna adopted Caylee from Russia at age 2

After parenting their three biological sons, they figured they’d bring Caylee into the family fairly easily.

They did realize that Caylee was different from other children at a very young age—she was a bit quirky and needed a lot of attention.

“We thought we’d just parent her the way we had our other […]

Are You Interested in an e-Book That Lists AAP Covered, Insurance Covered, Low Cost, Medicaid Covered, No Cost, Non-Profit, Residential Treatment Programs?

eBookIn 2007 I published a PDF File Book that covered the entire United States and listed residential treatment programs and schools that were AAP covered, covered by insurance, were low cost, Medicaid covered, non-profits, and some were even no cost to families.

It sold mostly to professionals […]

Preventing Clinician Burnout



The term vicarious traumatization was coined over 25 years ago to describe changes that occur within clinicians resulting from their work with clients who have experienced sexual trauma (McCann & Pearlman, 1990). It is believed that in the process of working with sexually traumatized clients, […]

Sensory Processing, Trauma, and Attachment Disorders

Adoption TodayBy JoAnn Kennedy, OTD, MS, OTR/L

Adoptions Today Magazine, June 2015

Cassy was adopted from a Romanian orphanage at age nine months. Although her parents had adopted an infant son six years previously, this was a new experience. Cassy was constantly on the move. She seemed driven […]