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Personal and relationship coaching differs from counseling/therapy in that it focuses on facilitating personal and relational development.

Coaching is not meant to diagnose or treat mental illness. 

Coaching requires the capacity of the person to tolerate direct input without it overwhelming or compromising one’s general functioning. 

Coaching is designed to uncover your capacity and potential, focusing on living up to your relational and personal potential. 

Should you or I, at any time, determine that coaching is not a good fit by itself (e.g. there is evidence of the need for therapeutic support), I will assist you in finding a suitable licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist within your state to offer the services you need, either in place of our coaching work or in addition to our coaching work. 

Coaching services are not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness or replace counseling/therapeutic services by a licensed individual within your state. 

Rates and Information

~ $175 for a 55-minute session

~ Cancellation Policy - Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the client is responsible for the full cost of the scheduled appointment

~ Coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, in person, or via teleconference. 

~ Insurance companies do not cover coaching or consultation services

~ Office Hours - Weekday daytime and some evening and Saturday appointments are available. Please contact me for availability

~ Payment is via ACH, Cash, Check, or Credit Card (+4% service fee) 24 hours before the scheduled appointment