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Doré Frances, PhD. is an Educational and Therapeutic Treatment Consultant specializing in educational and therapeutic placements of youth and young adults who struggle with issues related to ADD/ADHD, addiction, adoption, eating disorders, high-risk, behaviors, inappropriate sexual behaviors, learning challenges, legal situations and transition into adulthood.

The rest of the website provides you with an introduction to our services, model of consulting, common questions and answers, ethical guidelines and how to contact us so that you understand all that is offered. 

Here I would like to give you a view about myself and my desire for each client and family I consult with.

I have devoted my professional life to the treatment world for children, adolescents, teens, young adults and older adults.

I grew up in California, with San Francisco being my hometown.

In 1983 I attended the University of Phoenix, where I majored in Family and Child Services and made plans to continue on with my college education.

Shortly after graduation, however, something happened. I became a mother.

I fell into motherhood full force with all the confidence that every new parent has in the beginning. When my daughter was 2-1/2, I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and was basically informed I needed to get my affairs in order. It was the most devastating moment of my life. 

I immediately fell into a crisis of survival. I also realized I had a choice. I could sit in my anger, fear and misery or I could believe that I actually could do something about this situation. 

I went through major surgery and months of introspection, loving help from my doctors and others, and, internally, a sorting out of what was meaningful for me in life.

To my good fortune, I survived and thrived and I figured out the direction in which I was being drawn – which is still where I am today. Even in a crisis, with the growth of ones mindset, a painful experience can be positive. 

 “Always maintain only a joyful mind.”

“All activities need to be done with one intention.”

“Be patient.” 

“Painful experiences do not have to define you.” 

These teachings are still at the core of everything I live by today. In my work as an Advocate, my personal life, and the satisfaction I experience every day with who I am and where I am heading on this incredible journey of life, these words are a part of my being. Those messages inspired me to become an Advocate and then to enter the area of Educational and Therapeutic Consulting.

Built into all of this as well is that I am an adoptee.

I was adopted at birth, and specialize in assisting families with adopted children both from the U.S. and internationally. I have learned many things about myself and those I assist because of this journey in my life.

The need to know about oneself and one’s roots is primal. In order to have a niche in the world children need to know, first of all, who they are.

And when they are “shadowed” by an unknown background, by an unseen set of truths that they know little if nothing about, then they may not develop to their fullest potential. Openness is the foundation when assisting adopted children. 

The dynamics of adopted adolescents is varied and oftentimes complex. All adoptees face issues of loss, which can then be accompanied with disenfranchised grief. In working with adoptees and their families there must be mutual recognition of the loss. Empathy goes a long way to improving and repairing relationships. 

I finished my Doctorate at Pacific University in the area of Applied Human Development, Child and Family Development and an emphasis in Diverse Families. I left California in 2003 and now reside in Broomfield and have my office in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2004, with a full adolescent practice, I added a valuable new dimension and begin offering assistance to young adults.

In 2005 I added dual option placement services, as I became aware of the advantages of outdoor therapeutic wilderness programs. 

I travel twelve weeks throughout the year visiting and evaluating all programs and schools I recommend, in order to identify the best referrals and resources possible to fit the needs and unique preferences of each individual client.

I love my work. What is so invigorating about it is how free I feel to make the best recommendations possible because of my feet-on-the ground background checks and evaluations of every program and school I visit.

In my advocacy role, my field of vision is not restricted to the educational consulting skill set. Instead, the possibilities for restoring families and creating family reunification opens up widely and includes the diverse, wonderful skill as an advocate which goes beyond educational consulting. This work of being both an advocate and educational / therapeutic consultant adds an entirely new dimension of meaningfulness to the work I provide for families.

It has been well received by students and their families. It helps them to obtain the right services and for me to find the best program or school for their specific attachment, behavioral, emotional, learning disabilities, therapeutic and/or educational circumstance.

On February 10, 2017 Horizon Family Solutions gratefully celebrated an honorable 17 years of service.

I wish to thank everyone who has assisted me along the way – associates, coaches, colleagues, family, friends, health care providers, lawyers, medical service personnel, mentors, therapists, and professionals from many walks of life, researchers, and teachers.

I am eternally grateful to each of you.

My daily focus remains on providing every client with the best guidance possible.

Whatever your needs or concerns, I will do my best to help you in a cost-effective, courteous, and time-efficient manner. My goal is to help you find a pathway to wellness that is right for you and, thereafter, to remain a trusted resource you can refer to, at any time.


Warm regards,

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Dore E. Frances, PhD


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