Frequently Asked Questions

I assist those ages 6 and up. There is no age limit to needed services. 

Transitional life skills programs for young adults. 

Transitional programs for young adults. 

Transitional program retreats for young adults.

Young adult wilderness adventure and therapy programs. 


We will happily connect with advisors, coaches, deans, health care professionals, teachers, therapists, and tutors, on behalf of your student and your family.

Yes, it is our main goal to help the student with every step of the transition, academically, emotionally and socially. We will connect directly with the student and their advisor, when appropriate, and create a plan of action to ensure a smooth and easy adjustment until the adjustment challenge or issue is resolved.

We have a vast network of tutors who work with all grade levels. We also can work along side the school to see what services they offer on campus. We work to connect your student with the best match for her or him.

Our placement team will work with your student to identify the best schools for her or him to apply. We will guide the entire process with you and your student as well as work with the current school and new school during the transfer process.


We have 24 hour phone coverage and can promptly respond to any issue that may arise.

We specialize in crisis resolution with discretion and professionalism.

We have strong relationships with the programs and schools and the medical staff on campus. We will work with them to find the best local doctors and hospitals and can help your student choose along with your approval and arrange appointments with the on site program and school medical staff.

Once you schedule your consultation meeting, we will send you an email with a client information link to complete a student profile online and will send you a release to sign and return. We will also ask you for a copy of your student’s current academic records. This includes, and is not limited to, academic transcripts, and standardized test records.

Written reports of educational evaluations over the past two years are also helpful. When you send the information, please indicate the date of your scheduled meeting.

During our first initial meeting, we will review all of the student’s academic transcripts for the past two years and any standardized test results including school achievement tests, SSAT’s, or other tests that might be used in school. Please also send any written reports of any educational or psychological evaluations that might have been done over the past two years.

We typically schedule one to two hours for the first appointment. We will meet with the parent(s) for the first hour and with the student. when applicable, for the second hour (unless the student is less than 12 years old, in which case we may not need to meet with the child t all or for a full hour). We can also schedule the initial meeting with just the parents when you are not certain that you want to move forward yet, and in such cases we schedule an hour for the initial consultation. These appointments can be via phone, Skype or in person.

Depending on your individual situation and the time needed for program / school research, a follow-up meeting to discuss options and the process can take place within a few days of the initial meeting, or may need to be scheduled for a week or more later.

Thereafter, again, depending on your unique situation, there might be meetings to discuss program / school visits.

There are several aspects of our professional concierge practice which provide parents a degree of expertise that is quite unique. First, we specialize in our approach to educational and therapeutic consulting. That is, each of our consultants focus on specific areas of speciality.

These areas include, however, are not limited to traditional day and boarding school educational counseling for elementary and secondary school students, and therapeutic special needs placement for children, adolescents and young adults with behavioral, emotional, psychological, and/or social issues which significantly impact their ability to develop and progress in an appropriate and healthy way in their life. There are literally thousands of day and boarding schools, therapeutic programs and schools as well as GAP and outdoor therapeutic opportunities. We understand how programs and schools operate, we speak the same language, and we value the relationships we have with the program and schools we recommend. We travel monthly across the United States evaluating and re-evaluating all programs and schools prior to any recommendations. We have a national reputation for successfully completed school and program placements.

Each family’s situation is unique. We offer free initial consultations to identify the right option and plan for you and your loved one. Call Dr. Dore E. Frances at 303-448-8803 and request an initial consultation appointment.

We are available for an initial consultation to discuss services offered and the general process for program / school selection. However, during this consultation, no specific information about individual programs or schools will be given. Recommendations for programs and schools come only after lengthy research and a thorough understanding of your adolescent’s or young adult’s specific needs. When you decide to move forward with comprehensive services, the initial consultation fee will be applied to the remaining balance. For traditional school placement, we may work on an hourly basis depending on your circumstances.


As independent professional concierge educational and therapeutic consultants, we receive no compensation from individual programs or schools for student placement.

Our fees are 100% client based. We work only for you and your child. It is our responsibility to be your child’s advocate to ensure that he/she receives services appropriate to their level of need.

We accept bank transfer and over night Federal Express checks. For those wishing to pay via credit card, we will accept credit payments via Pay Pal with a 3% service fee added for processing.

We invite you to call 720-446-0188