Customized International GAP Options

We know what’s important 

  • Customized Cultural Immersion

  • Customized Backpacking / Exploring 

  • Customized International Service Missions

  • Customized Short-Term Service Missions

  • Customized River Rafting Adventures

  • Customized Walking Pilgrimage Trail

  • Study Abroad

  • Traditional GAP Experiences

We know that taking a GAP Year adventure or creating a customized journey is a very personal decision. You want the freedom to explore and determine what you will experience.

That is why we offer you the best in customization Gap Year adventures or short-term adventures, using our invaluable connections and resources. What adventure are you daring to imagine?

What journey is your soul hungry to experience? We can help you bring it to life!

We have experts available to assist you in custom building your dream adventure. No matter where you are coming from, or where you would like to journey, our experts will pave the way to your ultimate adventure. 

Imagine taking a personal pilgrimage to explore traditions around the world. 

Imagine traveling to Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand. 

What is your dream destination? Where do you want to go to be fully immersed in culture? The possibilities are endless. Your choices are endless. 

Contact Doré Frances, PhD at 303-448-8803 to learn more and she and our adventure program specialists will assist you on planning your incredible journey.