As Independent Educational and Therapeutic Consultants, we travel throughout the country looking at programs, schools and treatment centers on a monthly basis to understand their education platform, environment, residential structure and treatment philosophy. We come to you, with that knowledge so we can make the best placement recommendations based on your family’s needs. We work for your family, not any program or school.

Our background in assessment and evaluation as well as with struggling youth provides us with the expertise, knowledge and objectivity to understand the unique issues you are facing as well as the differences between programs.


I believe change and growth in this process is important. It is not natural for a parent to think about an out of home placement for their child. There are a lot of elements to this decision. Effort on everyone’s part is crucial. I have confidence in my families, their children and myself. This will be one of the hardest things you ever do. It can be intimidating. It can be overwhelming. I will walk with you through each step and I believe I can make it a bit easier. Let’s make a plan. 



It’s no secret that most addicts turn to alcohol / cutting / drugs / gambling / Internet / pornography / sex / video gaming to cover up pain from life trauma.

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Boarding School
College Prep

Good kids. Great environments.
Outstanding results.

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Eating Disorder

Offering the opportunity to completely heal: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Psychiatric Assessment

Dr. Frances will respond quickly when a youth and family are in distress.

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Residential Therapeutic Placement

Therapeutic residential placements consist of a number of different types of programs, including therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for pre-teens and teenagers.

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Special Needs School Placement

Most of these schools are smaller in student population and limit population from between 20 to 90 students 

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Young Adult Transitional Living Placement

Aimed at young adults ages 18 – 29, transition programs are designed to assist socially immature, unmotivated, young adults to make the change to an independent adult life.

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Wilderness Outdoor Program Placement

Dr. Frances recommends only the top rated wilderness treatment programs
in the nation.

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Retreats / Trainings/ Workshops

Retreats offered are those that will provide the perfect place to find oneself. A training series for parents is being put together by several professionals.

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When you or a loved one is struggling,
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