Whole Family Support

Envisioning Wider Choices and Opportunities

  • Custom Designed In-Home Programs

  • Customized Family Expeditions

  • Family and Individual Coaching 

  • Parent Coaching 

  • Transition Planning After Treatment

  • Whole Family Work Customized To Your Specific Needs

Brief Overview

All services are customized to your family

Customized In-Home Programs – Support services for pre-teens, teens, young adults and their families. We take a unique approach and utilize services that are in your local community as much as possible. 

Customized Family Expeditions – Bringing together your family and providing a wonderful opportunity to resolve relationship-based challenges and reconnect in a positive way. 

Family and Individual Coaching – Coaching is a great way to work on your personal development and improve family relationships. Customized as to what your intention is in what you want to accomplish. 

Parent Coaching – In person, on the phone, via Skype. Single sessions or multiple sessions based on your specific need. Every family needs a consistent, peaceful and structured environment in which to parent. 

Transition Planning After Treatment – Assisting in finding a home therapist / psychiatrist. Coach / mentor search. Family and individual coaching sessions. Formalizing structure in the home. Job search. Meetings with school counselors / school teachersNew school search. Tutor needed searchVolunteer search. 

Whole Family Work Customized to Your Individual Needs – For yourself, an individual family member, or for your entire family, we help create and individualize services based on your intention. 


Please call Doré Frances, PhD at 303-448-8803 to discuss what specifically is needed. We are constantly bringing on new team members which offer the very best of services in many different areas of family and individual work.