People like to complicate things. The solutions to most challenges are fairly obvious. It’s usually that you don’t want to face them, or the hard work that may be required to change.




When you want to have the best life ever, then you have to focus on seven areas in your life.

  • Faith / Life Philosophy
    • Sooner or later most of us start asking big questions. Why are we here? There’s so much to look forward to. How do we face the loss of our youthfulness and a sense of irrelevancy? 
  • Family
    • We don’t get to choose our family. From the outside looking in, some families seem really squared away. Perhaps they are. Most families have their trials and tribulations.
  • Friends
    • Friends are the greatest gifts in life. Quality is far more important than quantity. Friends are unique because the best of them stand by you through life.
  • Health
    • Some folks have challenging metabolisms or a propensity for weight. Others have slender physiques. No judgement here.
  • Love
    • Healthy human beings need love. There are many forms of love. A lot of people get together for the wrong reasons. There are no guarantees, however, when you want a better life, look for someone who is KIND.
  • Passion
    • There are some things we enjoy doing so much that when we’re immersed in them, we lose all track of time. Most people have passions, be it art, creative writing, dance, exercise, fishing, golf, juggling, music, sports, traveling, or helping others.
  • Work
    • Chances are you have to work for a living. When you find a career that interests you, you can build upon that and have a very satisfying professional life. You don’t have to give up on your dreams.

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Dore Frances Team


Should you be lucky enough to call Doré Frances your young adult coach, you know how knowledgeable she is. I have worked with Doré and she is focused, highly motivated and very fun to work with.

Her energy is contagious. Run, do not walk to work with Doré. 

Nicholas B., 26 , New Jersey, 2019

Doré is an innovative professional. She is well informed, ahead of trends in treatment and is a great collaborator.

Dore’s versatility as a life coach, mentor, placement specialist, trainer and creator allows her to truly support change.

Kimball DeLaMare, Senior Vice President at InnerChange, Utah, 2018

Doré is a very hardworking individual who always puts forth 120% for her clients and their spiritual work.

She’s extremely friendly and approachable.

I would recommend her to everyone who needs spiritual coaching. 

Kimberly B. , Colorado, 2019

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