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Our son was sinking into a black hole of poor behavior and personal problems. Before selecting Horizon Family Solutions, I traveled to Colorado to meet with Dore Frances in person. She understands dealing with a troubled child is hard on the parents and other family members. We have now returned to a more functional family environment and have hope that our adopted son is on the right path.
David & Leslie Hiller, Kentucky, 2011 - Current
Honestly, we felt absolutely hopeless when we contacted Dr. Frances. She brings a keen first-hand experience to her work and can accurately as well as quickly assess a situation. She quickly assessed our adopted son’s situation. We are happy to have found Dr. Dore Frances.
Jeff & Terri Sanders, Arizona, 2006 - Current
Dore’ and I first met at my parents house and then she flew with me to my wilderness program. Recently I just graduated from a college prep high school she choose for me and I will be starting college in the fall. If you looking for a wonderful resource to help you explore the options available for you as a parent trying to do the best thing for your teen who is either out of control or simply not thriving call Dore!
Kallasandra Beers, Colorado, 2012 - 2013
I hired Dore to assist me in selecting a therapeutic boarding school for my son who was having some severe emotional and psychological issues. Dore swiftly assessed the situation through his medical records and conversations with doctors, provided us with recommendations and guidance, and assisted us in the admissions process with the school we chose. Through her experience and relationships, she was able to assist us in getting Ben admitted to a school he was slightly too young for under their guidelines, but it was clearly the best fit. Today, my son is at home an thriving.
Edward Harold, Louisiana, 2008 - 2009
I have known Dore’ since 2008 when she first came to visit me in my wilderness program. She always went the extra step for me, especially when things became difficult with my family. I graduated high school, started college and then decided to go on my “mission.” I would highly recommend her to any family searching for help with their child in need.
Kimberlee Byers, Utah, 2008 - 2009
My parents hired Dore to assist them in selecting a therapeutic boarding school for me. I highly recommend Dr. Dore Frances. The effort she put into working with me when I was so out of control was outstanding. Dr. Frances is conscientious and reliable and was always there for me no matter how bad I tried to make things.
Breanna Gaudioso, Nevada, 2009 - 2010
Dore’ is a straight shooter. She shared with me some of her own story, and made me feel that I was not the only kid who felt bad about their family situation. She came to visit me several times in wilderness and in my Christian boarding school. And guess what, I made it through college!
Terrell Graham, Washington, 2007 - 2008
Dore’ Frances has been an incredible resource to our family. We engaged her to be our educational consultant as we faced some difficult decisions about wilderness and therapeutic boarding school; her counsel and guidance were phenomenal. From there, she has coached us through our parallel process as parents, and has assisted us with other major educational and developmental milestones with our two other children. Dore’ has been the lynchpin to our family’s ability to successfully navigate the most difficult period of our lives, and she has been the foundational support that has carried us through.
Chris & Teresa Bruzzo, Washington, 2013 - Current
We adopted a boy from Romania when he was 16 months old. We knew that we had to make up for the trauma he experienced as a baby. One night he became so enraged at his best friend, that he beat him up for a joking remark. It was clear that we needed to place him in a Therapeutic Residential Treatment Program before he ended up either incarcerated or dead. Dore Frances is someone who is highly experienced and had direct knowledge of all the various programs in order to be able to choose the right placement. She was truly a Godsend.
Dennis and Jeanne LaValle, California, 2010- 2012
Our family is from Southern California, and we had no idea where to send our adopted son (who was 15 at the time) after his wilderness program. Dore was an amazing resource because she visits all the schools and programs she recommends and also visits the students she is helping to get to know them before and after they are placed. Another thing that touched my mother’s heart is that Dore prays for all the children she places. She has a special spot beside her bed, and truly takes time to think and pray about their success.
LuAnn & Rick Campo, California, 2007 - 2014






Doré Frances, PhD

As a parent, I have walked in your shoes. I have a daughter that struggled with dyslexia, and she wandered through middle school with a lot of anxiety. After experiencing a lot of my own emotional concerns and sleepless nights, I gave my daughter the opportunity to attend a therapeutic program during her high school years.



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