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Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults

  • Being An Advocate For Your Child Is Our First Priority. Advocacy takes place on a more personal level. It means making the your child’s situation important and doing what needs to be done. When Dr. Frances advocates for your child,  that’s what she’s doing—presenting information and making requests in a focused way to ensure that something important gets done.
  • In a perfect world of residential, therapeutic and wilderness treatment, the specialized services that your child is entitled to receive would always be available and easy to obtain. In the real world, however, the full range of necessary services may not be available or easy to receive unless you request them, point out their importance, then actively work to get them—that is, unless you “advocate” for them. We do this on your behalf and because of the long standing and honorable relationships we have with programs and schools, we are able to have better outcomes during treatment. 
  • When you are interested in finding the right academic educational setting for your child or young adult, or when you are a family in crisis and would like to hire Dr. Frances, please contact us. Due to a high volume of inquiries, Dr. Frances will only take calls from those who are serious about exploring the options of school placement for their child, or transitional opportunities for their young adult.

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