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To each of you experiencing the difficulties of parenting a child, teen or young adult who is struggling, we welcome you to give us a call at our office – 303-448-8803. 

We have made it our intention to visit programs and schools all throughout the United States and Internationally for ages 8 to 68.

We set aside at least a half a day, and at times more, to interview the academic directors, admissions staff, clinical directors, equine directors, lead guides, program managers, teachers, therapists and all those who may be assisting your child, adolescent, teen or young adult.


Phone: 303-448-8803

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Honestly, I felt absolutely hopeless when I contacted Dr. Frances. If I didn’t love this child and see the goodness in him – maybe this wouldn’t hurt the way it does. I spent well over a year trying to get help for my adopted son. I had doors slammed in my face at every turn. I personally felt like a pariah for even seeking help. On the other hand, the medical professionals tasked with caring for my son told me I was overreacting. As you can imagine, my regret is enormous in that I waited so very long to look elsewhere. I am happy to have found Dr. Dore Frances.
Rebecca Wallin, Minnesota, 2012 - 2013
Doré came to our rescue when our son was floundering during summer vacation a few years ago. She met with all of us and recommended a wilderness program that though initially met with resistance turned out to be an life changing experience that my son still talks about. Dore was a great listener, compassionate, and very knowledgeable about the various programs available. Peter returned to his college prep boarding school, graduated and is now attending college. I would highly recommend her!
Gail Leopold, Oregon, 2010
II highly recommend Doré Frances, PhD for her superb work as an advocate and consultant. I have witnessed her helping families whose children and adolescents were in desperate straits. Her vast network of therapeutic boarding facilities, programs, therapists and programs made her invaluable to parents who were overwhelmed with providing the right care for their children. I gladly vouch for Dore’s professional expertise, but also her personal integrity and character. She is a woman who truly cares about the people with whom she works!
Patti Villalobos, Professional Coach & Co-Owner of TCubed Masters LLC, Texas, 2010 - Current
We had a list of possible programs we were considering. Doré took this list and expanded it to better meet my sons needs. This process would not have gone well without her help. I was completely overwhelmed!
David Hummer, California, 2010 - 2011
I have known Dore now for over 14 years and have watched her grow personally and professionally. She is a tremendous and tireless advocate for youth and her work that she is so passionate about. She is always seekng out ways to better herself personally and professionally and continues to be a leader in the field of consulting.
Brad Gerrard, Outreach Coordinator at Heritage Schools Inc., Utah, 1999 - Current
Doré truly is a testament to me of why a family choosing to work with a consultant is not only critical to the family but allows for a much smoother process for everyone involved in the treatment process. It is a pleasure working with a consultant who truly cares about her clients!
Clinton Hardy, Director of Operations & Crisis Interventions, NewStart Transports, Utah, 2005 - Current
Doré is an exceptional educational consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with her in my role as a therapist at Aspiro. From my experience, I can say that Doré has an in depth understanding of adolscent/young adult treatment and the programming available for these young people and their families. One attribute that sets her aside is her passion for this work. She cares deeply and it shows in her diligent work in doing what’s best for the families we have the opportunity to work with. I have seen her go the extra mile for families to meet their unique needs.
Jamie Ahern, LCSW, Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy, Utah 2010 - Current
Doré Frances is REALLY good at what she does. She has referred students to our program since 2005 and I have witnessed how painless she made it for the parents. She provided structure where it was needed to get the best outcome for all her clients. Her efforts in working with the family really reduced the stress from my end and we had a very productive and positive outcome. She visited all of her students in the field, no matter what time of the year it was, and this gave them confidence that she realized what they had to say was important. I even saw her break down and cry with them a few times. She is all heart!
Jason Law, Therapist, Mountain Homes Youth Ranch, Utah, 2005 - 2014
Passion. Passion has always been the first word to describe Doré with the work she does with the youth and families she supports. Equal to her passion is her knowledge and expertise. She has always gone the extra step in providing the best support available to the families she works with. I would highly recommend her to any family searching for help with their child in need.
Sean Haggerty, MSW, Director of Admissions at Daniels Academy, Utah, 2001 - Current
I highly recommend Dr. Doré Frances for her efforts to provide the most outstanding service and professionalism in assisting families and schools to know how best to support students. Dr. Frances is conscientious and reliable to be there for families and schools in their work on behalf of students.
Kim Stephens, Dean of Enrollment Management at Wasatch Academy, 2001 - Current
Doré has been a great leader in the educational consultant community. She continues to grow and change with the times. She provides others with industry information through different multimedia tools. Doré demonstrates an on going commitment to making a difference.
Vince Barranco, Executive Director of Life Designs Transitional Centers, Washington, 2005 - Current
As I am based in the UK it is very difficult to find ethical professionals based in the USA who share my values and who I can call upon as a well recognised source of reference within this sensitive industry we all work in. Doré ticks all the boxes and never fails to provide the help and support that is much needed. I thank her for that.
Graham Cook, Managing Partner at Dovecote Consulting LLP, United Kingdom, 2011 - Current
Doré is an excellent professional. She is knowledgeable, a very good communicator and is a straight shooter. I highly recommend Doré Frances to those requiring her expertise and services.
Kimball DeLaMare, Senior Vice President at InnerChange, Utah, 2001 - Current